Vibrant Pink, Yellow and Orange Wedding Flowers

Vibrant Pink, Yellow and Orange Wedding Flowers

These stunning felt flowers make a wonderful bridal bouquet with a mix of bright pink, yellow and orange flowers, plus stems of baby's breath (gypsophila) and leaves.  The stem is wrapped in felt and tied with pink, yellow and orange ribbons that will cascade down your dress.  


For a vibrant and colourful yet affordable bouquet, this is a perfect option and because they are made from felt they will never wilt or die and make a wonderful keepsake from your special day.


There is a smaller bouquet available that makes a perfect bridesmaid bouquet, plus flower girl posies and buttonholes.  Felt wedding decor is also available.  For a larger bouquet in these colours or something different get in touch.

Each flower is hand cut from felt attached using hot glue to the metal floral stem.  


NOTE: Props/vases not included.  Colours may vary from screen.


    This bride’s bouquet measures 20cm tall by 25-30cm diameter (approx 10-12 inches) and contains approx 20 flowers and foliage. The stem is wrapped in green felt and then tied with matching ribbons, which dangle down and will look glorious against your dress.

    This bouquet consists of peonies, roses, anemone, lavender, mums, lisanthus, a billy ball,