Teaching Others How to Make Felt Flowers

Well the time finally came, about a month ago (possibly more, time seems to disappear in my magical felt flower cabin), when I took to my local town and hosted a felt flower workshop... One of the main reasons for doing this was to support a local charity, the RHLT that has a small charity shop in my local town, Twickenham, stocking local artisan made products (so not a second hand charity shop) and using the profits to create and support real opportunities for people with a learning disability living within the Borough of Richmond and the surrounding areas.

A table laid with felt and tools to make felt flowers
Ready for the new students to arrive... all the colour!

I have never formally taught other people how to do what I do, and I have never formally learnt the skill either. A lot of my skills have come from trial and error so I had no idea how transferrable they would be! I was also unsure whether calling the workshop a beginner's workshop would be patronising to the local crafting community!

I needn't have worried. 6 lovely ladies and a fab teenager came along, almost as nervous and certainly as excited as I was about learning this new skill.

I taught them how to make some simple felt flowers that used similar techniqes, a rolling technique basically, where the felt is cut in different ways and then rolled to create the flower. With this method they learnt how to make a pincushion flower (very basic but so stunning!), a small crysanthemum, a ginger flower, a small rose and a thistle. The hardest of them all was the hyacinth and lavender because rolling involved some twisting and it actually is quite a hard knack to get right. In the end though all of the lovely ladies finished with a cute posy to take home and show off. Not only that but the atmosphere was fun and friendly and amazingly two of the attendees realised they knew each other, from school, 40 years previously! So the workshop resulted in reuniting two old school friends as well!

Friends Re-united!!

I loved hosting the workshop and am planning on running another on 23 November at The People Hive in Twickenham. I'll post more information and booking details when they go live!

In the meantime let me know here if you would like me to make some felt flower patterns available to purchase on the shop.

Find out more:

To find out more about The People Hive charity shop take a look at their website.

Or follow them on their social media handles - @thepeoplehive on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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