Taking Care of Your Felt Flowers

When your flowers arrive, they may be a little tired from the journey… to revitalise them you can simply massage their petals back to life! Wool is quite robust so even if they got a little squashed for some reason you can easily manipulate the petal back to its original shape.

I'll be creating a video on how to do this in the future, so watch out for that!

Here are some more tips on how to take care of your felt flowers and get the best out of them:

1. Keep your felt flowers dry

Unlike real flowers, felt flowers really don't like water very much! Wool absorbs water and it can cause the felt to get mis-shapen. Don't worry though if they do get wet by mistake, just leave the to dry at room temperature and avoid squeezing or handling them while they dry. If they get very wet and start to lose their shape, then do re-shape before drying if you can.

2. Ideally place your flowers out of direct sunlight

The colours can start to fade over time, although it does take a long time for this to happen, I left some tulips in the window of a flat for over a year and it took that long for fading to happen! Nevertheless they are prone to colour change, as is anything that is dyed, so move them around the room. Pop them in the window on dull days, or if it gets bright move them after a little while. That way you can enjoy their colour for as long as possible

3. Lightly dust your felt flowers

Surprisingly felt flowers don't gather as much dust as you would imagine. My lavenders still don't have any dust on them and I can assure you that is not because I dust regularly!! If they are in a particularly dusty area though, or you have building work do cover them up. Otherwise a light dust with a lint roller! If they get very dusty for some reason, gently blow the dust off outside before using the lint roller on them

4. Clean any dirt with a lightly dampened cloth

If your felt flowers get stained, let any dirt dry and brush it off. Alternatively dampen a cloth with warm water and gently dab the stain, diluted white wine vinegar can be used on stubborn stains. Do not rub vigorously as the wool may pile. Do not soak.

5. Show off your flowers for everyone to admire!

Every order of felt flowers comes with care instructions so you can always keep your flowers in tip top condition!

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