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As a small business it is incredibly important to me to support fellow small artisans, businesses and makers. In this series I will feature other small businesses that I love and that I think you might love too. There is such a variety of amazingly talented people out there and now more than ever I think it is so important as well as incredibly easy to support these artisans, so that not only do we as customers get the most wonderful products and service but also we contribute to the economy in a way that means we all benefit!

For this first blog post I thought it would be perfect to feature one of the first makers I befriended in the crafting world and funnily enough one of my first customers! I met Nikky at The Handmade Fair in 2017 when I held my first stall and she, as a fellow stallholder, came over and purchased one of my rainbow felt flower headbands! We followed each other on instagram, I favourited her shop on etsy and now my denim jacket is full of her awesome pins! She is a fellow cat lover and I love seeing her new designs and creations and hearing about her amazing success. I hope you enjoy hearing all about her!

Tell us how your business all started and when?

My business started all the way back in 2012! I had been working in retail for a long time and I was unhappy, So I decided to start something that would make me happy! It began part time and then I too the leap and went full time in 2015. 

Do you sell online and offline (i.e. at craft fairs etc)? 

I sell online on both Etsy and my own website. Also a few other online stockists, at markets/fairs occasionally and some independent brick and mortar shops around the country! 

Tell us a little bit about your process?

Every design starts on my iPad pro. I use the adobe draw app and then I take things over into Photoshop after to add my font. I usually have a product in mind when I draw something, so I already know if it's going to be an enamel pin or a card etc. Then the next step depends on the products itself, whether i'll order it in or make it myself! 

What is your favourite thing you’ve ever made?

It has to be my 'Can't be arsed' mug. It has my humour and personality all over it.

The Can't Be Arsed Range! I LOVE these!

What’s your best seller?

That's tricky! I have many items that all sell as well as each other but I think the current best seller is my 'It's guinea be ok' enamel pin.

What do you love the most about being a maker?

I love the freedom of it. I design and make what I like and have learned what my followers seem to like too. It's a fantastic feeling when people tell you that they love your work. Something I never imagined would happen! I love being my own boss! 

What is your biggest achievement?

I would say when my enamel pins were worn by a crazy cat lady on telly, on Michael Maccintyre's Big Show! Also just having multiple shops around the country selling my work. That will always blow my mind! 

What are the biggest challenges you face as a maker?

The guilt of constantly feeling like I'm not doing enough is a big one. The pressure to sell more and up profits. It's all scary stuff! But I wouldn't ever change it. I love seeing my business grow and the key is to not compare yourself to others. 

Do you do anything out of the ordinary to spread the word about your business?

I do lots of Kickstarter campaigns which sometimes brings in new customers but other than that I pretty much do what everyone else does who has a small business! 

Do you have any unusual order/customer stories?

One of my customers I met once came up to me and said 'You're butt lady!' So now that's stuck!

Do you have a favourite review?

What do you love most about life as a maker?

I love making people happy and having something that I love doing. Designing is my way of escaping and thinking of new ideas always excites me! Plus It had brought me out of my shell loads and I am finally comfortable in my own skin. Well to a certain extent! 

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