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Last Sunday I styled my very first event and managed to tick something off my bucket list and dress a window (apparently it also ticked off the same item on my husband's bucket list - I knew there was a reason I married him!!).

I possibly didn't fully appreciate the magnitude of styling an empty room in a pub, nor the amount of materials I would need to make, or indeed the affect it might have on my own health (ironically), but I did know it would be fun and that in this world you always always take every opportunity that comes your way. Plus I really like the organiser and the premise of the event.

Self Love Sunday

The event is Self Love Sunday, it is organised by Motherhood; The Real Deal (one of the top UK mum blogs) and Hayya Health (a fantastic self love coach). The idea is to dedicate a few hours to yourself in this curated event. The event held two guided meditations, and attendees could sign up to several sessions dedicated to supporting self love there and into the future. The sessions included yoga, styling tips, a quick hair trim, aromatherapy, natural body care and self love coaching, as well as the opportunity to spend time with friends and make new ones.

Loads of Autumn Flowers

My involvement was to style the room to create an autumnal warm vibe, and as the room was fairly large that mean lots and lots and lots of felt flowers!

After visiting the venue I listed everything I needed to make and it looked something like this: autumn leaf and flowers letters SLS, 6 swag garlands ranging from 1.2m to 6m long, 14 leaf garlands ranging from 1.2m to 1.8m, 4 wreaths, 9 vases of flowers, pumpkins - loads, 6 vertical window hanging garlands, leaves - loads!

In the end the room looked great and felt warm and inviting, exactly what everyone taking some time for themselves needed.

Window Dressing

This is possibly my most favourite part, apart from the event itself of course, because I had always wanted to dress a window and I knew that falling leaves down some twine would look so effective, and I was right! Adding in the leaves on the ground, the pumpkins and vases of flowers, plus some woodcut letter candle holders I had and the effect was just sumptuous!

A Lesson Learned

The only thing that I didnt do right was make time for myself in the run up to the event. this was entirely my doing. I took on other projects at the same time as preparing for the event and on top of my normal order workload. As a result in the week running up to the event I ended up with a kidney infection and a cold! You can't tell from the photo but I felt rough! It is ironic that for a day dedicated to providing space for others to commit to self love, I didn't heed the same message! Next time, I will!

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Motherhood; The Real Deal

Hayya Health

Or follow them on their social media handles - @motherhoodtherealdeal and @hayyahealth on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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