Erm... has it been over a year already?!

So, the last blog post was apparently December 2019! And then, well we all know what happened don't we? But how on earth did I manage to avoid writing a single blog post in over a year?

Obviously we all know what 2020 turned out to be for many of us, so I won't go there. I did set up a brand new business - if you haven't seen it already, check out @botanicalsandrainbows on Instagram and Facebook, it involves eco-resin and colour!

I also did a whole heap of other things during the many lockdowns that defined 2020. Now that doesn't mean I'm one of those annoying "look at everything I achieved during the pandemic" people, because I also had weeks where I could barely bring myself to get out of bed. In fact, apart from playing with resin and some home improvements, 2020 was a challenge, I won't lie. One thing it did do was highlight for me how much I struggle as a small business owner with marketing, social media, showing up on blogs (obviously!) and all the other things that help to get you out there and in front of people, so that you sell your shit and make some money! But that's ok. Because it also taught me that forcing things never works. Some of you lovelies still came and purchased felt flowers, or wands or planner bands from me over at Etsy and on here, and some ventured over to the dark side of resin jewellery too!

Somehow though, 2021 came along and has re-ignited some enthusiasm in me and so here I am, showing up on my blog, and the website to inject some sort of fire into the old marketing engine... Because that's what this is essentially. It's me talking to you, from a website so that you get to know me a little bit and feel better about filling your home and your friends and families homes with felt flowers and plants!

So, what can you expect from this renewed vigour? Possibly not much more than normal to be honest! LOL. I'll certainly be writing a few more blog posts. I'm in the process of tidying up and renewing the look and feel of the website (see that new font? I'm in love with it!). AND most importantly I am updating the website so that it has ALL of the lovely felt flowers that are currently residing on Etsy. Oh PLUS new houseplants!! oh yes and Houseplant of the Month and Succulent of the Month subscriptions!

If that's not enough, I also want to HEAR FROM YOU! So please comment below this post and indeed all future (or past) posts and let me know what YOU want to see from me? Do you want different flowers, do you want different content in the blog? Do you want to buy tutorials? I can't grow without you, so this is an honest invitation for feedback.

Lastly, I hope 2020 wasn't too harsh on you. I hope that you came through it as I have with some renewed faith and hope that while we may never have the same normal as before, that the new normal is better for us all.

Anya x

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