Colour Psychology – The Meaning of Colours

Did you know that different colours have a different affect on how you feel? Do you love some colours but hate others? Scientifically colour is defined as electromagnetic radiation of certain light wavelengths are perceptible by the human eye. It is that visible perception and the messages that are sent to our brains where the concept of colour theory and psychology comes in. This perception of colour depends on our vision, our interpretation and of course our associations with certain colours.

So let’s dive in to what different colours mean and invoke in us.


Red is traditionally associated with passion and love. Think about Valentines Day when suddenly the world turns red around us! So romance and desire are strongly connected to red. Red is also associated with power, boldness, energy, intensity and confidence. In some eastern cultures red is the colour of money, luck and wealth! Spiritually it is connected to the root chakra, which is all about sexuality and sensuality! However, for some it is connected to danger, because it has been often used in road signs and other signs to stop access and to as warning signs.


Orange is the colour of the sacral chakra and is spiritually associated with connection, creativity and like red, sensuality. Orange is the colour of motivation, clarity and as a warm colour is also highly social. It’s a great colour for a room where there are lots of people! It triggers feelings of optimism and success. Orange is a sunny, bright, warm, summery colour, so it mostly has positive associations although it can be connected to crassness and lack of subtlety (though who said there was anything wrong with that!)


Yellow is a great colour to help aid focus and learning! It helps bring clarity and as another sunny, bright colour is also associated with positivity and optimism just like orange, and is a fun, cheerful and hopeful colour. Connected to the solar plexus chakra, it influences your sense of personal power, intellect and ideas. It can be associated with fear, and even anxiety. That means yellow is one of those colours that needs to be handled with care! Don’t fill an entire room with yellow!


The colour of nature, green is associated with fertility, balance, harmony and growth. In the western world it is also associated with money! It is the colour of the heart chakra and this influences feelings, sense of self worth and self-love, empathy and trust. It is also know as the colour of envy, feeling possessive and being critical. As a calm and cool colour though, if you vibe with it, its great as a main colour in a room!


Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, and for that reason is associated with ideals, big thinking, freedom, feeling calm and at peace. It is a very popular colour for bedrooms for that reason! As a cool colour it can be seen as a relaxing, cooling, serene colour and politically associated with being conservative and reserved. Linked with the throat chakra it influences how we communicate and present ourseves to the outside world.


This is the crown chakra colour and as such is often the most associated with spirituality. It is also associated with royalty, leadership and wealth (because when first discovered as a dye it was THE MOST EXPENSIVE and so only reserved for royalty or the wealthy). It is the colour of intuition, mystery, intuition and fantasy, and can be seen as a colour of luxury. However, its association with power can be offputting to some.

So there you have it! Colours and all their meanings! Look out for the next blog post in the colour series where I help you choose which colours are best in which rooms (and which to avoid!)

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