5 Tips for Using Colour in Your Home

Tip 1 – use complementary colours

Complementary colours are the colours that are opposite each other on what’s called the colour wheel. Although they are opposite each other and can be considered to contrast with each other they actually aid in making the main colour appear stronger and brighter. For instance, if your room is predominantly blue or teal (one of the biggest trending colours right now) then adding a splash of orange or mustard with accent colours will add zing to the room. Other popular complementary colour combinations are purple and yellow, or red and green.

Tip 2 – use monochromatic colours

Monochromatic colours are shades, tones and tints within the same base colour. So shades of blues, shades of pinks or shades of orange. By adding different shades of the same colour you can add depth and harmony to a room theme.

Tip 3 – use analogous colours

Analgous colours are the colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. These can sometimes look a bit overwhelming so the trick is to have one main colour and then add accents of the other two colours within the scheme, with felt flowers for instance! Colours that are analogous are pink, red and orange, or yellow, green and blue, or blue, purple and pink.

Tip 4 – use triadic colours

Triadic colours are evenly spaced on the colour wheel, and creat bold, vibrant schemes. They provide great contrast to a room but are less dramatic than using complementary colours, so if you want something a bit more versatile and calmer then triadic colour combining is a great idea. Colours that are triadic are red, yellow and blue, or orange, green and purple.

Tip 5 – use tetradic colours

Tetradic colours are evenly spaced on the colour wheel and work best when one colour is the more dominant and you use the other three as accents. Examples of this are teal with orange, green and pink, or, purple with red, green and turquoise.

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