10 Reasons to Have Felt Flowers

If you are anything like me, flowers last about 2 days before wilting and dropping petals all over the floor, that is if the cat hasn’t got to them first! I love flowers but having fresh flowers at home has become a once or twice a year thing when my adorable husband buys me a bouquet for Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary. Even then, I mourn their loss as they fade and die.

Up until I started making felt flowers, I simply enjoyed flowers in nature rather than regularly buying them and throwing them away. However, now I can have flowers around me all the time, and obviously because I make them, I do! My studio is a riot of colour and luckily for me I get to have different flowers around me nearly every day! So why should you have felt flowers? Well let’s list a few reasons…

1. They last much longer than fresh flowers

Let’s face it, as I’ve already said, as much as I love fresh flowers they wilt, they die (and then they smell awful). Felt flowers last for much much longer. In fact, when taken care of, they can last forever! I have a bunch of lavender in my living room that have been there for three years now, they still look fabulous!

2. They are great value for money

For the same price as a bunch of flowers you can have felt flowers that last longer. No more splashing out every week to replace dead flowers and keep a room looking bright and cheery, felt flowers last so long that the represent amazing value for money. Obviously if you like bringing new flowers into a room then you can always rotate felt flowers from different rooms or sign up for the subscription boxes that will be launched later this year to get different felt flowers on a regular basis!

3. They are hypo-allergenic

If you have allergies you can still enjoy your favourite flowers. Made from a wool/acrylic mix felt flowers are great for people who suffer from hay fever. Some people worry about allergies but wool is actually hypoallergenic. ... Because wool is both slow to absorb moisture and is made from interlocked fibres that allow air flow dust mites avoid wool. Another great advantage to wool is that it is both ecologically and animal friendly.

4. You can get any flower you love, in and out of season

This is one of my favourite reasons for having felt flowers at home. When you love a flower, it is such a shame that you can’t have it around you all year long! With felt flowers you can! Imagine having sunflowers in your room every day, regardless of the time of year, or daffodils etc.

5. You have any colour you want!

Ok this might be my most favourite reason. I love the colour teal, but finding teal fresh flowers? That’s tough! With felt you can have your favourite flowers in your favourite colours! Like this teal sunflower! Or pink sunflowers. Black daffodils? Go for it, let your imagination run wild and have what you want!

6. They are pet safe – no more having to check the toxic list

Oh this is such an amazing reason to have felt flowers. As a cat owner I am constantly on the lookout for potential hazards for my pets and sadly fresh flowers are a major hazard. The toxic list helps, but there are so many it is hard to know them all. Obviously, lilies are the most well-known, and most highly toxic to cats and dogs. If you love lilies it is a sacrifice that has to be made. Unless of course you get felt lilies – problem solved!

7. They can be made to match your home décor

Because you can get felt flowers in any colour, this means you can match them to your home décor. Is mustard and grey your thing? Get mustard and grey flowers to match! Or the current massive trend for teal and burnt orange, or how about rainbow for your child’s nursery? The choices are limitless.

8. They brighten any room and in particular desks at work (I can vouch for that)

Many of my customers have purchased a bunch of felt flowers to sit on their desk at work! How lovely is that? When you feel under stress or overwhelmed a burst of colour in the corner of your eye can really uplift you! Purchase flowers in colours that are designed to be uplifting like the Chakra flowers, or rainbow flowers for added energy soothing. They are a really affordable way to change up a room as well and add an accent of colour.

9. They are a unique and unusual home décor accessory that others will comment on

Felt flowers are relatively new to the UK home décor scene, and although quite popular in the US, they still give you something unique in your home, because they are carefully and lovingly hand made by me, every single bunch will be a little different. They are certainly a talking point and many of my customers have mentioned that friends and family have commented on their flowers when visiting. What a wonderful focal point for your room!

10. You can add any fragrance you want to them with essential oil spritzes

As well as being lovely and uplifting to look at, if you spray them with a light essential oil spritz they can also smell uplifting too! Felt flowers make a great carrier for essential oil mists, so you don’t have to miss the smell of flowers either.

If you are keen to have some felt flowers for yourself visit my shop or get in touch to create something just for you!

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