10 Reasons to Give Felt Flowers as a Gift

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

We all know why and when we give fresh flowers, but are felt flowers any different? Actually yes and no! You can give felt flowers for all the same reasons as fresh flowers, but in my humble opinion they can mean so much more than fresh flowers and there are times when felt flowers are far more suitable than fresh.

So what are the gifting occasions to give felt flowers? Here are a few to give you some ideas.

1. The birthday gift for the person who has everything!

Giving fresh flowers on birthdays is a lovely idea, but let's face it we all like something meaningful and that lasts longer than a week for our birthday don't we? (well I do!). Felt flowers are perfect for birthdays, especially for those awkward to buy for people who seem to have everything! Also did you know that each month has its own flower associated with it? Gifting someone their birthday flower, that will last a long time is a lovely statement gift! Lastly, we all love receiving gifts that somehow reflect things we are passionate about, so for the friend or loved one who adores cacti, or sunflowers, or violets (you get the idea) why not gift the thing they love in felt?

2. Show mum your love will never die, just like felt flowers

Fresh flowers are THE main gift on Mother's Day, along with chocolates (obvs) - and for some gin or wine (lucky mums!). Felt flowers are quite possibly the best gift for Mother's Day for no other reason than you can gift your mum her favourite flowers, or flowers in her favourite colours that will last as long as your love for her. Awwwwww

3. Welcome someone to their new home with long lasting flowers

As a housewarming gift felt flowers are great! When you've just moved in you may not know where your vase is, or possbily even where anything is, so fresh flowers can be a bit awks when you having nothing watertight for them. No such problems with felt flowers, they can be shoved into a shoe and look great! Plus if you know your friends have a particular home decor style you can match the flowers to the style, how thoughtful is that?

4. Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Valentines Gifts Just for You

There really is nothing worse than rush bought garage/train station flowers on Valentine's Day. Firstly they cost the earth, then die two days later and secondly they just don't show any thought... at all. Felt flowers are much better value for money (for you money conscious romantics out there), they last as long as your love so will be a wonderful reminder and they look stunning. Be prepared for next Valentine's and order in advance and they can even be sent direct to the recipient!

5. Christmas, tis the season to give felt flowers....

Ok, so it might not be the season to give any flowers, but if you have someone really really hard to buy for, then felt flowers might be the answer! Particularly if they love a specific flower, like sunflowers or daffodils, flowers that have short seasons, or just like to be surrounded by gorgeous colour, Christmas tends to be a very busy season for felt flowers so some people clearly agree with me!

6. Mother of the Bride and Groom Gifts

Another common fresh flowers gift is to the mother of the bride and/or groom. Again fresh flowers are a lovely gift to thank the mum's for all their help (or for staying out of it!), but felt flowers will be a constant reminder of their children's very special day. Plus you could have the flowers designed to be just like your bouquet for that extra special touch!

7. Felt flowers are perfect for people in hospitals as a get well soon gift

Hospitals now tend to prefer people not to bring fresh flowers, mainly due to the hassle of vases, water, etc and also due to allergies etc. Felt flowers are the perfect alternative to fresh flowers when you know someone in hospital that needs cheering up and know you are thinking of them.

8. Thank someone you care about with felt flowers

Felt flowers make a fab teacher appreciation gift, especially with a cute message like "thank you for helping me grow/bloom" or "thank you for nurturing me". Teachers get inundated with stationery, apples, bookmarks and possibly fresh flowers. Since you can never know if they are allergic to flowers etc, felt flowers are a lovely alternative and quite unique! They will never forget the impact they made on your child with that thank you gift!